Wake Up Nigeria!!! -Pst. Akomaye Ugar


Clueless and insensitive, gullible Nigerians stand aloof, easily deceived by cheap narratives, they run kindergarten analyses of a sophisticated agenda playing out in a nation that has become a theatre of the absurd. Blood thirsty gladiators run amok, unabated but clearly aided and abetted by power brokers who on purpose attempt to sell our nation into a proverbial forced marriage.

How much more blood needs to flow?
Where are all the know-it-all over-educated intellectuals who beat their chests to say this was never going to be possible? This is a well conceived, carefully executed agenda playing out before our very eyes; we have ran out of options and are left with one choice, just one choice – to wake up!

Oh God, cause the paths of this enemy to be dark and slippery, let the angel of the Lord chase them that subvert the peace of Nigeria and break their right hand. Turn their wisdom into foolishness, and let them grope in the daytime as in the dark, disappoint their devices and crumble their economy. Feed them with their own flesh and blood.

Arise O God, preserve your people, show yourself, and let this enemy be scattered, in the Name of Jesus!
Pst. Akomaye Ugar

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