SHOCKING: Pastor`s Wife Gives Birth Without Womb!

A Living Faith Pastor and his wife Mrs Ekere has welcomed a bouncing baby boy into their home after they were told it was impossible for them to have a baby.
This is another case of the most high GOD proving His awesome power in the midst of mortal men. In case you dont believe in miracles; here is a miracle that has happen here in Nigeria. We heard that the husband Pastor Dennis Ekere had signed a hospital document to remove his wife’s womb. Mrs Ekere had developed complications that affected her womb during a surgery she did some time ago to treat fibroid. The doctors had to remove her womb in other to save her life.
Goodnews: in a miraculous turn of events, a doctor revealed to the couple that a womb had grown in place of another. Some months after the doctor’s information, Mrs Ekere got pregnant with a baby boy who was recently delivered.
It was gathered that the couple welcomed the bouncing baby on Saturday, July 29, who weighed 3.7kg. He was named on Sunday, August 6. This is ONE BIG DIFFERENCE BETWEEN CHRISTIANITY and any other so-called religion; they lack the supernatural intervention of Divinity!
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