Revealed: The Hidden Truth About BBNaija


What actually make you a true man of God is your ability to speak out against what is wrong in the society, not minding who is offended at your stand. The BBNaija show has left many believers and preachers with mixed feelings even when some cant show it. The Head Pastor of Mount Zion Faith Ministries, Pastor Mike Bamiloye has shared his thoughts on the just concluded Big Brother Naija show. He made thoughts known via the official facebook page of Mount Zion Faith Ministries Int`l.   Here him:

I saw the Final Moment of the BBN.

“They kissed. They romanced. Before the cameras of Africa. And they were honored and glorified. At times, the glories of this world make the children of the kingdom look stupid. I hope some kingdom children will not begin to envy this type of worldly glories.”

His post has also command alot of comments from various facebook users, here are some of such:

Mercy Gbemi Fasipe: My view about this is if the rich unbelievers can go extra mile to reward their unbelieving fellow, let the rich believers too do something.

Amara Cornels Uwaeme: But come to think of it, wen wl christians start promoting fellow christians, u launch an album by Gods grace instead of ur fellow xtians to rejoice wt u dy wl be envious, u write a book instead of dem to support or buy n encourage u dy become envious n wl not even talk abt it in church or buy! Who is deceivn who, my dear d world wl keep winning over ds youths until d church does somtin to motivate n encourage, ds young youths! Come up wt ideas for dem to showcase dia talents! I have alot to say but let me stop here even d bible said it dat d children of ds world is wiser dan d children of d kingdom! May God help us all.

Daniel Samuel Ita: It’s a pity that many Christians who claim to know God and even speak in tongues where carried away by this wave of darkness…..the Lord knows those who are His

Michael Caleb: The church can also start Big Bible Competition to avoid distractions or something like a telent hunt.,because anyways we look at it Christians will get tempted without engaging them in any activities.. My thought anyway.

Akinpelu Olutoyin: God being my eternal help, I will never compromise to such stupidity. I didn’t watch any of the episodes. GOD forbid. My boasting is in His Grace and Strength

Rantimi Akinyemi: Why won’t the children of the Kingdom be swept away with this type of glory? why won’t the children of the Kingdom envy this type of glory? This people of the world have a way of helping each other, this people of the world have a way of supporting eac…

Nana Yaa Omuojine: I am looking forward to the day Men of God will also Condemn Zee world too because Indians are also using the medium to promote Idolatry. Hardly a Christian home in Nigeria today u won’t find a couple watching it.

mike gloria bamiloye 28th wedding anniversary photos
Pastor Mike Bamiloye & Wife

Victoria Okoh: I cant and will never b a party to it because I ask myself one question…. Of what benefit is this BBN to me? Until I get a benefiting answer, I can never have value for it not for a single sec.

Ayokunlemi Praise Aysmart: How much was given to that child who read the whole verses in Psalm 119?, Has anyone heard of any best graduating student given a million naira?…… Things are falling apart! I weep for the coming generation!

Paul Victoria: Please, i will suggest will pray more for this our generation, I’ve been sad since Last night about this, the way our Godly brethren are fully Happy and posting it on their profile….. Even the elect…

Joseph Garba: We shouldn’t envy vanity. The reward of kingdom artist will surely come and the beauty of it all, no sorrow shall be attached to it. À Christian artist may not be a celebrity here on earth but has assurance of eternal celebration in heaven.

Chibuzo Nwachukwu: This is very disheartening. After all the immoral acts, they were honoured. I refuse to be joyful over the glory of the world which fades away.

Emma Alayo: This kind of programme will not cease from being promoted for one reason or the other in societies. . …the inspirations are from the pit of hell and am still wondering why churches and other religious kept sitting back and not coming together in unit…

Arobayo Emmanuel: God help us, but I think we talk too much as Christians and DO nothing or little at best. Only GOOD overcomes evil!
Where are the shows that promotes God given talents and skills embedded in our today’s youth. Every thing seems to be pointing to a blin…

Obi Amaka Amaku: Pls Christians the Bible said do not join multitude to sin. Remember the gift of the devil is give and take so don’t envy them all these gifts ends here there is a place we are going which is heaven Pls don’t lose focus

Ibrahim Pam: My dear, it pain’s my heart when I see the way my generation, keep God by the side and hold soo strong to the devilish ways, and still say we are Christians, ooooo God have Mercy on us and help us to know why we are alive Amen.

Shola Oyedola: Lolz… Nice one sir… However, people should decide to switch off their TV… When these things are aired… There is no excuse for anyone jare… If you sit to watch, then it means you love it

David Ojo Adekunle: It was a misplaced priority. A system and nation that prioritize immorality, indiscipline , indecency, a system that lack moral values that is what you got.  May God delivers this nation from catastrophe.

Taiwo Orisabuyi: #Let’s encourage Christians who are doing well in their various fields even with money.

Anne A Olabanjo: Though but we are reminded by Gods word that we are sojourners our citizenry is not of this world and we shall reign with our king when he returns. Howbeit we also enjoy Gods presence in the present world and His presence guarantees abundant life. “

Tony Tonia: What about if God decides to take away His Mighty hand of mercy and preservation upon the so called winner of the program of discourse, and he is down with any serious challenge, can the money he just won ( all put together) bail him or her out? May God grant us knowledge.

Amarachi Nkomadu: The youth know that which is true but the issue is that no youth want to follow the way of the Lord because their feel is to long but like to follow the way of their father which is the shortest way to make money, because he want them to die as a sinner

Adesola Olorunshola Osebeyo: Only God can heal the world for good doing are never glorify in this part of the world, imaging someone romancing, kissing a future wife/husband of another and that person is honour with that amount of money and someone who came out high in an essay or…

Segun Adedokun: I couldn’t help but weep for my generation. It’s obvious that hard work and dignity has been relegated to the background. Making money irrespective of “how” it’s been made has become the order of the day.

Oladeji Temitope Christianah: It is well. The whole show is about glorifying immorality to gain wealth. I pray the lord will raise genuine Christian leaders,with a genuine hunger for his kingdom. The children of the kingdom needs to be encouraged “ki okan ma se aare,ki o si ma se sako lo” it is well with us all.

Maryjane Anajemba: And people are rejoicing because of the money involved… how many youths that have been initiated into immorality and the church of God are sleeping Christian …wake up oooo

Hapinexz Oke Love: Very soothing to my soul, I was almost forced to watch it on YouTube yesterday but wen i opened my YouTube, I saw praise and worship session of April Holy Ghost service, I wouldn’t av bn able to comment here now

NOTE: The reality show which kicked off in January and ran for 11 weeks, came to an end on April 9, 2017, with Efe emerging the winner. Efe beat other finalists Bisola, TBoss, Marvis and Debie-Rise to win the grand prize.