Prophet Omoto Reveals what God told him about Apostle Suleman


After weeks of failed attempts by agents of satan to black mail God`s Oracle – Apostle Johnson Suleman, Another Top Nigerian Preacher has reveal the truth of the matter. In an exclusive interview with Goldenpearlmedia, the Founder and General Overseer of Christ Mercyland Deliverance Ministry, Warri, Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin has said that God revealed to him that Apostle Suleman is innocent.

He added that before the scandal hit his colleague, God already told him about it via multiple revelations. Prophet Fufeyin made this known when he spoke about a forthcoming programme in May when he will be hosting top South African Cleric, Prophet Shepherd Bushiri.
Excerpts below….

5086483_prophetj7_jpeg8ea36ab4cffb4a5445c6bf4fbcdbc89bWe learnt of a forthcoming programme in Mercyland. What is it all about?

First of all, a day like this is a great day. We look unto God. The bible says that with God all things are possible. Prophet Shepherd Bushiri would be coming to Mercy City in May.
He is a friend in the vineyard of God. And he had been with us when I was coming up. He started with me and commissioned Mercy City you have seen and heard. He came last here three years ago. I have even visited him and it is now time for him to come to Nigeria again.

What should we expect?

It is not going to be any different from what it has been because we are both called to work in one body of Christ in order to win souls for God. We are going to win souls for God. The people that are in captivity would be set free through the name Jesus Christ. The programme is between May 4 and 8.

What about the annual programme for women seeking for fruit of the womb, ‘I Must Carry My Samuel’?
We just finished the programme. It was for three days. Many people from all over the world trooped in and even that time when the programme was going on, pregnant women were given births and we were also giving them free baby gifts and cash of N50,000 as we usually do.

Do you know how many women gave birth?

I cannot remember exactly how many of them gave birth but about 380 of them gave birth the last time the programme held.

What is your comment about the way the country is right now?

We only need prayers in this country. As I said earlier, with God all things are possible. Nigeria really needs prayer and we have been praying and I believe that God will help us.

All these things that are happening right now are for people to know that the power of God is real and great. We pastors, bishops, prophets etc, are praying to see that peace will reign in this country. I promise you that peace will come in Nigeria.

You said sometimes ago that peace will come if men of God come together and pray. Has it been done already?

There was a time I said if pastors come together and pray all these problems bedeviling this country will disappear. I told you that boko haram will go down and we prayed. Boko haram is gradually fizzling out. Now, the same prayers that we are going to pray will bring peace in Nigeria. Though, all pastors cannot come together because devil is creating confusion in the body of Christ. I told you the other time that politics of nowadays APC and PDP is playing out in the church. Church politics is greater than APC and PDP. If not, just one week we all come together and pray, everything will settle. Devil knows the secret of Christians to cause confusion in the body of Christ. That is what is happening in Christendom today.

What do you make of the challenges Apostle Suleman is going through?

Jesus told his followers that whatever thing that he is passing through, his followers will also pass through same situation. They called Jesus our father names. Some said He was using Beelzebub spirit to cast out demons. It is not today that all these things started. These things started in the days of old. It is one of those things. If we are followers of Christ, these things must surely come to us. Not only him but every Christian that is growing; you would have to prepare for these things.

It is getting worse by the day, a lot of people are coming out with different stories…

5086482_prophetj1_jpege4aeb3f765f7e11929e1309c0d8977e8I will still tell you that those allegations are not true. A man of God is a man of God. Though there are stories coming from different places. Till tomorrow I will still say that it is not true. God is still backing him up. But did you hear the one that the mother went to his church to plead for forgiveness? The body of Christ is one. This is a battle between Satan and God. Any Christian that doesn’t know this thing should go and learn more. We have to pray and fast for our Apostle.

Have you spoken with him one on one ever since these things started?

Yes. I met him today when we boarded the same flight from Benin to Lagos. I encouraged him. He is not even bothered. I asked him how he feels with this kind of persecution. He said that these things must follow us because we are people that are working in the body of Christ. As far as you are coming up and you are destroying the kingdom of satan through the name, Jesus Christ.
I saw this persecution and I told people that such a thing is coming last year December cross over. I said this thing is coming up and we have to be prayerful. Like my own case, there was an accident. I sent my boys to my village to encourage secondary school students for inter house sports two weeks ago. They went with my Hillux vehicle and on their way back, the vehicle somersaulted thrice and it was raining but glory be to God that nobody was injured.
Now, if something bad had happened to them, I would have been called names. People would say I sent them to my village, Ojobo to use them to get more power or worse things because of the rapid growth of the ministry. If you are a man of God and in the body of Christ you have to pray for other men of God who are victims of situations as this.