Photos From Winners` Chapel 36th Anniversary


To mark her 36th year of manifestation, Living Faith Church (Winners Chapel) recently held her annual Liberation Night. Yes it was indeed a superlative Night of encounter with Divinity.

When God gave the Liberation Mandate to God’s servant, Bishop David Oyedepo 36years ago, the Vision was plane and clear, and that is why, Winners Chapel happens to be a “Word of Faith” movement, and that is why, God as done so many wonders in her midst as a commission for the past 36years via the Word of God, there has been so many major breakthrough that came, so many has been liberated by the power of the Word of God, and unto God alone be all the glory.

Friday Night 5/5/17, was a powerful impartation session and we had a great time in God’s presence, with records of instant miracles, as God’s anointed servant, Kenneth Copeland, brought the first word on the LOVE OF GOD TOWARDS HIS PEOPLE.

Bishop David Oyedepo taught the people so much about Faith and the power thereof, and also imparted them with the Spirit of Faith and Grace to blossom on every side, the truth is, this commission and the faithful followers of what God is doing through Bishop David Oyedepo, can never go down in Life, because, it is to everybody according to his/her Faith.

See some of the Photos from the last Liberation Night and other sessions.

Bishop Oyedepo & His Mentor Dr. Copeland


Dr. Copeland Teaching
Dr. Copeland Impart More Grace On Bishop Oyedepo & Wife (Pst. Faith)


Pastor Paul and Mummy Becky Enenche of Dunamis International Christian Center Abuja with Pastor David Oyedepo Junior at Minister’s Conference