ISIS Leader Gets Arrested By The Power of The Gospel


ISIS Leader Plans To Kill Christian Evangelist But Gets Arrested By The Power of The Gospel On Meeting Him.

Such is the incredible power of God that He could melt the heart of a vicious Islamic State (ISIS) leader and turn him into an ardent follower of Christ—almost in an instant.

The Leading the Way ministry of Dr. Michael Youssef recently shared the story of Muhammad (not his real name), a high-ranking ISIS leader who devised a plot to kill a Christian member of its organisation, a 24/7 radio and television station airing biblical teaching in multiple languages in the Middle East.

According to The Gospel Herald, Muhammad called up the ministry through the number posted on the TV screen and got connected with Peter (not his real name), a ministry worker.

Muhammad told Peter he needed to meet with him in person as he needed to hear the truth about Christianity directly from him. Later, the ISIS leader revealed that he actually planned to kill the person who would meet with him.

Although members of the ministry are trained for security purposes to screen callers who ask for face-to-face meeting, Peter felt God nudging him to see Muhammad.

When the two met, Peter shared the gospel with Muhammad, specifically about the love of God through Jesus Christ and his offer of salvation to those who believe.

Despite being indoctrinated in the Islamic faith, Muhammad was touched by what Peter said.

He dropped his plan to kill the Christian worker and even asked Peter if he could visit him again.

Muhammad later told the ministry that God appeared to him in a dream, convincing him to turn away from Islam and follow Jesus instead.

He even shaved his beard to symbolise his rejection of Islam.

Meeting Peter again, Muhammad revealed to him that the first time they met, he actually planned to kill him but was dissuaded by the power of the gospel.

He asked forgiveness from God and from Peter for his evil intent.

Muhammad later formalised his conversion by getting baptised. He is now serving Christ where he lives, the ministry said.

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