BREAKING: The Real Apostle Suleman Exposed!

Before You read further, let me sound this warning: be careful what you read or believe on the internet today. One of the most common end time strategy against the Church of GOD today is false news blog online. More than ever before, we now have so many blogs and bloggers among these folks are hungry individuals who wants people to visit their sites or blogs by all means because they want to make money through adverts on such blogs. Yes, the more people that visit a blog or website, the more the chances of the owner of the site to make money from adverts.

This is one reason why when one person publish a lie on his blog, others rush to copy and paste on their own blog also because they want to retain followers on their site. What is more surprising is that many of these same people go to Church on Sundays and listen to sermon. Not knowing if the poster of the story is an Islamic extremist who seeks to rubish Christinity in Nigeria, the so call born again Christian blooger copy such evil story about the Church or a man of GOD.

It is no more news that a little girl by the name of Stephanie Otobo has given herself as an instrument of satan to blackmail Apostle Suleman. It is also no longer news that a so called Nollywood Actress has been threatening to publish how Pastor David Ibiyeomie of Salvation Ministries gave her money. My question is: when has it become crime to give financial gift to people? Apostle Suleman is well known to have helped many people both male and female. I watched on TV how a lady came back from Dubai (refusing to continuing in prostitution) because Apostle Suleman sent her money even without knowing her in person.

The simple reason why God`s Oracle Apostle Suleman gives out money to people even without seeing them is simply because the scripture commands all believers to help those in need. This is the Apostle Suleman the media will not tell you; a man who has given out 593 cars as gifts to people without conditions attached to his uncommon kindness. If the so call lady print a bank statement showing how Apostle Suleman gave her money IT IS NO NEWS and IT IS NO EVIDENCE because she had contacted Apostle Suleman to help her financially, pretending as someone who wanted to change from being a club girl; any true man of GOD who is a giver would likely give to her. Thesame money transfer(s) done by Apostle Suleman to help a so-called club  that allegedly wants to change is what the fake bloggers are claiming as evidence? evidence about what?

Apostle Suleman with his Spiritual Mother; Pst. Mrs. Folu Adeboye
Apostle Suleman with his Spiritual Father; Papa E. A. Adeboye (G.O. RCCG Worldwide)

The focus of the anti Christ folks on the Nigeria cyber space has always be that of propagating negative stories about great men of God even when it is false. I check one of Nigeria`s busy discussion board and I find this sensible comment from one Mr. Daniel

“all of you that will always be so happy to bring out the negative part of the body of Christ, and will always doubt the miracles and other works of God. I don’t know what to liken you to. I am a Christian, I was born in it and have been that all my life,that don’t make me qualify to castigate the atheist or the Muslim and I also wish that the atheist and Muslim will understand that. most of you, fighting for Islam, is doing so because you were born into that. if you were born a Christian, you will definitely be one. STOP The HATE, SPREAD LOVE… I know we are all created by one creator and He will not love to see us hate each other. “
I am Daniel.

Apostle Suleman receiving blessings from his Spiritual Father; Papa E. A. Adeboye

In case you come across such trash next time about Pastor David Ibiyeomie of Salvation Ministries or about Apostle Suleman of Omega Fire Ministries; simply ignore the stories for what they are, they are trash! Do not waste your time commenting about trash, do not go to hell because of some stupid fellows online who have been paid and hired by one useless Islamic governor in the Northern part of Nigeria.

Yes, the whole saga began when Apostle Suleman challenged a politician in Northern Nigeria concerning the killing of innocent Christians by Fulani herdsmen…

Check around on this website and you will be able to read more of such eye opener about how some satanic politicians and lawyers who have sign up their soul to the devil are propagating their evil intentions.

Wait a moment… are you wondering about all the so call photo evidences they have posted online? they are all fake. Yes, I know too well that there are software to create fake video chats or text chats or whatever kind of screen shots you may have find about this Otobo of a girl, they are all arranged… they were created by some software manipulators who are good in forgery….