BBNaija: Glamorizing and Glorifying Immorality -Mike Bamiloye


Even while some senior ministers of God are keeping mute about it; The Head Pastor of Mount Zion Faith Ministries, Pastor Mike Bamiloye has shared his thoughts on the just concluded Big Brother Naija show. He made thoughts known via the official facebook page of Mount Zion Faith Ministries Int`l.   Here him:

BBN painfully still on My Mind.

“What does this teach our youths now? Glamorizing and glorifying immorality before the cameras of the world can fetch you millions and make you a celebrity overnight? I hope some pastors will not begin to make reference to this as a work of God`s grace.”

His post has also command alot of comments from various facebook users, here are some of such:

Mistura Adejoke Sulaimon: The fact is such shows are supposed to push the wealthy Christians to do such, help the ones that are needy, cos most reasons youth go for such competition or shows is because of money, there are rich people who can find competitions for bible scholars and also youths that are willing to propagate Gospel in their own unique way but no they won’t fund it, some youths even went as far as organising prayer meeting for Efe, that’s how far the country and the generation is degenerating and killing the fear of God.

Femi O. James: Copied from Akintunde Candy Okewole
“that was not the only thing they did?,,,,they made some sense too….not suporting but not critizing…just indiffrent….let the church also put up a show for the teeming youth that attend and display their talents free of charge in our churches….let the price be 10m only and see what we shall produce…. the best way to criticize is to out do or outperform…have always said it Christians are reactionary we are not pro active”


Adesola Elizabeth Jolaiya-Babawibe: Things will get better when we stop criticizing the worldly that are enjoying them selves and the Christian start to promote Christine show and stop converting warehouses to churches alone but company and create jobs for jobless people who are vulnerable…
Immanuel O. Adeyomoye:  The program didn’t interest me one bit. Any pastor who refer to this as work of grace or collect from the proceed needs to really define who called him; God or himself/herself.

Hope Michelle: Please people do not turn the word of God upside-down, everybody has a special talent within him/her but hw u use it matters alot, so be careful hw u use ur talent for God or for Satan.. Richest and wealth belong to God, ask from him he will definitel…

Olubunmi Ruth Oseni: To me I don’t see anything good or glorifying I don’t even watch it but after the so called Efe won yesterday I saw different meaning to BBN even by man of God taking grace or so I wonder where the world is heading to promoting immortality

Omolayo Obasola Ogunmeru: Sir you are very right..But the church is not doing well in the aspect of helping young lad with potential and they aren’t even united in helping develop skills..for me most churches are selfish, getting rich and loosing focus.i quote u that EFE wins ll not be preach as GOD grace.. God helps us

Adaeze Izu: The church is more interested in receiving than giving out…no wonder the bible says the children of the world are wiser than the children of the kingdom..
Did u guys also hear that don jazzy and his crew attended XPERIENCE, ignoring the awards going …

Oga Boss Conquer: Best thing in this life is been half spiritual and half socalize. Thats the best way we can tackle everything, understand either way. …

Ajiboye Oluwatobiloba Olumayowa: Well yo have a point but yo so call Christian should some to help as well. I have met my worst disappointment from pastors and so call born again. If I had the opportunity I will go too. It doesn’t mean am going there to forget my moral value

Greg Daniels: Haaa,#25million go start poultry and animal husbandry farming business,will also create employment for about 50 youths;the turnover annually will make you smile. BBN una no try ooo and EFE spend wisely ooo

Prince O Uzoma: I Study The Bibke I Discovered That God distroyed sodom & gomora b/c of sin. And if u look at the word today u will see that the rate of evil of difference kind that is going on in this word is more than sodom & gomora even in the church. know wonder God said his judgement will start from the church.

Iliya Nansat: We already hv a FAITHFUL cal,a FAITHFUL service 2 offer is wat is left 4 us 2 render. No matter how hard odas try,we can never stop been Humans. D flesh man…***my Opinion sha***

Odeniyi Olufemi: Prayerfully expecting the fulfillment of Joel 2 prophecy in Nigeria: “Sons and daughters prophesying, young men seeing visions…”
Olubunmi Tope: BBB, BBA is no go area in my home, you dare not watch. May God give us the grace to propagate the Gospel and depopulate the kingdom of hell. Amen


Ojeila Pius: Why looked at it from the negative angle? Efe was lavishing in poverty,his pastor did not do nothing to encourage him other than prayers I guess,now,the young man’s talent has paved way for him and you people are here been super religious. Don’t you kn…

Vincent Mike: Let all people of goodwill come together and raise alarm against this dirty programme. Let us all with one voice and in unison say, “We’ve had enough of this nonsense.” Let us blow the trumpet in Zion and declare war on these encouragers of evil tende…

TeeCee AmaEshi: When was the last time a church ever put up or ever had to put up a reality show to encourage those in the kingdom? All they r after is acquire wealth for themselves and encourage congregation to pay tithes and offerings…..

Christy Nnadi: They are already doing so, even some born again speaking in tongue Christians, call it grace. This is nothing but end time

Arowosegbe Bukola Abe: They sure will ,some might have been preparing sermon notes on it right away .

Adegbola Paul Oluwatoyin: Even professing Christians also declaring their support for it. Its shameful

Pa Josh: The truth is thanksgiving will be conducted on their behalf in some churches

Rukeme Madagua: I think Christians should come with a similar idea what do you think

Akinkanju Oluwakolade Samuel Oluwatoyosi: sir…. some pastor watch, even some voted. what me a common church sweeper CAN and WILL NEVER watch

Idowu Samson Olamide: This generation is in need of divine deliverance…….

Oluwafunmilola Fad-Adetiba: So sad..investing such a huge amount in immoral act.

Peace Embaben Richard: A word for the wise!

Miriam Uwaoma-Opara: You can say this again sir!

Ibiene Allwell: God bless u sir,tell them oh

Janet Aderonke Oyagbola: You’re right Daddy.

Daniel John: PAPA LET us Catch our fellow Christian youths now o

Omowunmi Oluwabusolami Akinwale: may God help us

Odeniyi Olufemi: “The world passes away and the lusts thereof…”

Iriaye Eghogho: Hmmmm God will help us oh

NOTE: The reality show which kicked off in January and ran for 11 weeks, came to an end on April 9, 2017, with Efe emerging the winner. Efe beat other finalists Bisola, TBoss, Marvis and Debie-Rise to win the grand prize.


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