Apostle Suleman: In 24hours The Truth Will Be Expose


10959530_794822607253544_7892939053307795429_nIn 24hours the truth will be expose. The oracle of God; Apostle Johnson Suleman said this around 11.30am on Wednesday the 8th of March 2017 during the 2nd day morning session of the on-going minister without blemish – a conference that brings minister of the gospel together from various countries of the world.

It is worthy of note that the oracle of God was actually about rasing a prayer point “the anointing of God upon my life, do not keep silence” possibly asking the pastors to pray that Gods hand upon them should showcase them to their generation.

While attempting to lead the prayer session, the voice of God came to him and he had to announce to every pastor present that God just spoke to him that marine powers will be disgrace in 24hours. Asking everyone to keep their ears on ground to hear about it, he further stressed on the backing of God upon is life by saying “no body can bring me down, am tough men. Next time they should get a better agent – someone that is more presentable, he added.” The ongoing minister conference is expected to come to an end in the evening of thursday 9th of March 2017 (by that time this prophesy should have been fulfilled).


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